Strategic Communications and Public Affairs

TMGL and its subcontractor, Janson Communications (, provide Strategic Communications Services to the
Army's PEO - Soldier and the Marine Corps Systems Command Office of Public Affairs.

TMGL's responsibilities to this organization include support to an assortment of functional areas. These functional areas include:

  • Media Relation/Staff Writer support which consists of public affairs, social media, and video and still photography support for all PMOs;

  • Multimedia / Graphic Design and Promotional Creativity which applies the required skills, knowledge and experience to combine various visual media and artwork to create communications products in support of organizational goals and objectives;

  • Webmaster Support which applies the required skills with the knowledge and experience in managing and development of Soldier services public websites;

  • Videography and Photography which applies the skillsets, knowledge and experience to advise and produce video and photographic projects;

  • Audio Visual Technical Support which provides the audio-visual experts to perform the technical support necessary to achieve the PEO Soldier communication goals; and

  • Exhibit Support which provides design and development, and produces and maintains exhibits and associated equipment, for all the PMOs during Exhibits and Demos.

Audio/Video and VTC

TMGL delivers services for the "Visual Display/Information Systems and Associated C4ISR Network Infrastructure" IDIQ contract.  TMGL has and continues to perform work on multiple tasks providing services for 3 disciplines related to Video Teleconferencing (VTC) specific functions. The following disciplines are supported:  1) Both Classified and Unclassified Help Desk Support; 2) Engineering Services and Naval Video Services (NVS) Lab Support; and 3) Installation and Integration Services.  Many of the Navy's teleconferences occur by linking, or bridging teleconference facilities from one side of the world to the other using the military's unclassified and classified digital networks.  To successfully accomplish and manage these link-ups it requires technologists with very special know-how.  As a Government contractor, TMGL provides the U.S. Navy with the expertise to support this type of mission day-in and day-out.  Our staff supports the Navy's Video Teleconference facilities worldwide.  It is our job to provide scheduling and configuration of audio bridges and Video Teleconferences (VTCs).  Our Technicians ensure stable, reliable operations during both unclassified and classified conferences.  These Technicians also have the responsibility for maintaining, troubleshooting, and upgrading all other associated equipment such as servers, workstations, gatekeepers, gateways, ISDN switches and media converters.


Light Construction (236220)

TMGL, LLC provides a wide variety of superior commercial construction services including design, tenant build-out, institutional build-out and renovation. Skill sets include, but are not limited to, carpentry, all phases of build-out, all aspects of roofing, siding, flooring, electrical, plumbing, and painting. Our construction team is staffed with highly skilled managers who are educated on safety rules and regulations, environmental issues, and quality assurance-control.